2022 Tidal Bay
2022 Tidal Bay

2022 Tidal Bay

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Our fourth Tidal Bay offering which has been said to be our BEST one yet!  100% Nova Scotia grapes produced from our estate create this white wine. Tidal Bay wines are fresh and crisp in acidity, dry to off-dry, moderate in alcohol, and highly aromatic. This wine is Nova Scotia in a glass, waiting to come home with you.

Product Description:

Seyval, Geisenheim 318, Chardonnay & L'Acadie, Light-Medium Body

10% Alcohol, 750ml


Crisp, Aromatic, Fruity, and Floral notes.  Best "in-between" Tidal Bay from our 2019 and 2020 sure to please everyone who enjoys dry to off-dry/medium wines.

Food Pairings:

SEAFOOD, Appetizers, Charcuterie, Pasta, Sushi, Hard Cheese