Our Story

Passion and dedication turns our vineyard dream into reality


When John’s parents first came to Canada from Holland, they settled in the Annapolis Valley, and worked at Stirlings Apple Farm, near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. This led them to set out on their own farming adventures in Shubenacadie where they ran a successful dairy farm for decades.

John, a lifelong farmer, purchased his parents dairy farm in 1976. From there he produced quality milk and tended to 700 acres of farmland. After retiring from dairy farming, he planted his first vineyard and Ryan’s Creek Vineyard was developed. John had the first taste of success with these 26 acres of vines and he sold his grapes to many of the wineries in the Annapolis Valley.

John with wine barrels

Starting his next chapter, John went from a grape grower in Ryan’s Creek, to purchasing 1365 Church Street in 2015, near Wolfville. In June of 2016, 8.4 acres were planted on the property, completely surrounding the main house and all of the buildings. In 2019 a further 6.4 acres were planted directly behind the old apple barn (now winery). In 2020 construction of the boutique winery began and it opened in February of 2021. This old apple barn now boasts breathtaking views of the vineyard, North Mountain, Wellington Dyke and Cape Blomidon.

Image of open sign and back view of 1365 Church Street Vineyard

Developing 1365 Church Street Vineyard & Winery has been a lifelong passion for John and with the help of his wife, Amber, it has become a reality that they share in. This is a working farm where the family lives and works. While it is a boutique winery, they not only make amazing wines for themselves, they also sell their grapes to other wineries.

Our Approach

Making great wine is all about the quality of grapes. Achieving quality grapes means that you have to nurture and be in tune with the farmland and the vines. We're very proud of our vineyard. John’s farming experience allows both of these qualities to come together to produce the finest grapes of the best quality. 1365 Church Street Vineyard & Winery is known for its amazing Red Wines that are aged 3-5 years, in their climate controlled Barrel Cellar.

Church Street Grapes

If you make amazing wines, then the rest is easy.  It’s about having a great crop of grapes, tending to the vines and being conscientious stewards of the land.  All of their winemaking is done on their property.

Our Team

John & Amber Eikelenboom are the owners and operators of 1365 Church Street Vineyard & Winery.

John and Patrick Cantini are the winemakers of this vineyard with guidance from Amber who is an active participant in taste testing of all of the wines they offer. John and Patrick have been making wine for over a decade. Patrick has his own successful vineyard and has been making amazing wines for years.